I am ready to create a web-site for you from skretch and launch it online or to do only a required part such as create graphic style of the web-site, create html-pages out of graphic images, JavaScript/PHP programming etc.

Web developement process

Web-developement is a sophisticated multi-level process. Therefore talking about it I would specify what is actually done in its frames.

This process consits of two major parts - front-end or client-side developement and back-end or server-side developement.

Client-side is responsible for what users will see on their computers and what will be happenning there. It includes graphic-design on the page, xhtml/css-coding, creating of the templates, JavaScript programming, SEO

Server-side developement, accordingly, is what will be happenning on server - including server-side programming, DB handling etc., and perheps tuning CMS-engine. AJAX - is a technology that stands in-between of these two categories.

Besides there's also other kind of work to be done such as developing the concept and structure of the web-site or buying and maintaining web-address and uploading web-site to the hosting.

The work usually starts with analysis of the client's scope of activity and needs. Based on this, the main tasks are being formulated and site structure is being developed. When it's done the work over web-site design starts. At first I prepare several sketches of possible concept and when general direction is found and accepted - details and lay-outs of concrete pages are developed. When it's ready the turn to convert designed images into proper-working html-pages comes. If it's necessary, they can be made as a templates for your CMS system or any other technology the web-site will be built on. Later on, if necessary, the server-side developement are being done.

Below you can read more about each of these steps.


The main principles in design I consider to be not its beauty, complexity/simplicity, artistic value etc., but its ability to solve the tasks.

So in my work I try to create functional and user-friendly web-interfaces, that do not require extra efford in order to use them.

X-HTML/CSS coding

Why this step is so important?

Cross-browser compability is important!Because no matter how good the design looks in Photoshop and how flexible and advanced your CMS is, it’s still up to XHTML/CSS-coder what the user will see on his/her computer (or any other device) with custom OS, screen resolution and browser, how fast the web-page will be loaded and how much accessible it will be to user.

Besides, usage of W3C-standard code is extremely important for the web-site in order to stay modern, to be sure that it will work in future browsers, to become search-engines friendly, to be flexible for futher modification.

That’s why I think that only a person with necessary knowledge should handle this task.

And I will gladly do it for you.

JavaScript programming

— I wouldn't be here without JavaScript for sure!

It's hard to imagine modern web-site without JavaScript nowadays.

Whether it's the main technology used on the web-page or just tiny dymanic effects — JavaScript is the one responsible for your page being unique and functional.

Don't believe me? Ask Kif Kroker.

PHP programming

I am a web-developer with almost 10 years of programming experience. I program both at work and in my own spare time, because I like doing it. I used to work with both my own projects and third-party code. And even if I sometimes don't know how to solve a certain problem I know where to look to find a solution.

Building web-sites on WordPress

Word Press logoWordPress is a widely known free content management system. Its user-friendly web-interface allows people with no previous experience and any specific knowledge to maintain normal work of the web-site. In particular, with WordPress you can easily add and manage new pages, edit their content, insert pictures, upload files, create RSS-feeds with your own news — anything what is necessary for work with information.

Besides WordPress offers you numerous features, among which there are possibility to create easy-to-maintain news and article feed, full content search, feedback systems with users of you web-site, easy change of the web-site lay-out. Also there are many plugins available that can widely expand the functionality of the web-site.

I offer building web-sites using Wordpress, so the development process would be quick, cheap, easy to maintain; and in the end of the day you would get an easy-to-handle web-site with loads of extra functionality and ability to modify the web-site according to the needs.

What I don't do