Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Age: 30

About me

I am an enthusiastic and experienced graphic designer / web developer, who enjoys being part of a successful and productive team. Quick to learn, I am interested in finding ideas and solutions that will perfectly solve the task and satisfy the client.

My involvement in different areas of graphic design gives me possibility to create materials of various types — from 8px icon to 9m billboard. I'm trying to stay updated with the new tendencies in order to develop my skills and to improve the quality of my work.

As a web-developer I like to write reusable code and come up with original solutions. I have experience in both front-end and back-end development which gives a perspective on workflow of the whole team.

On the working place I appreciate open relations between management and employees, encouraging environment, good teamwork.

At the moment I'm employed but .
In particular I'm interested in working over creative task with interesting people.

//Sincerely yours

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